Kun Khmer

Kun Khmer

Kun Khmer (គុនខ្មែរ) or Pradal Serey (ប្រដាល់សេរី) is an unarmed martial art and combat sport from Cambodia. The sport consists of stand up striking and clinch fighting where the objective is to knock an opponent out, force a technical knockout, or win a match by points.

Also known as Pradal Serey, the Kun Khmer is an unarmed ancient martial art from Cambodia.

Kun Khmer is considered as one of Cambodia’s national sports. It is a kickboxing form descended directly from early forms of khmer fighting techniques (Yuthakun Khom).

Kun Khmer is above all well-known for its kicking technique, which generates power from hip rotation rather than snapping the leg.
You will find four types of strikes in Kun Khmer: punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

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