Who Else Wants To Learn The Ultimate In Pressure Point Self Defense From The Worlds Leading Authority?

This System Is So BRUTAL, That It Was IMMEDIATELY BANNED By The Police And Military!

Prokout is a new fitness & fight center in town and is the answer to your needs.

In Khmer, the word “prokout” means fight. Because life is a fight, a personal fight.

At Prokout, we aim to help you reach your goals and to excel through fitness and fighting. You can be new to exercise, a fitness veteran or a fighting sports addict, you will find your place at Prokout. We know that workouts mean hard work, which is why we designed our 1,000 square meters in a pleasant place, clean and modern.

You will find ample space for fighting sports training (Kun Khmer, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Boxing, MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Self-defense), and also fitness & cardio & workout equipments, complemented by dedicated personal trainers.

Membership at Prokout isn’t just about losing weight. People attend our fighting sports and fitness classes or come to practice on their own because they look and feel great after our workouts.

Prokout is committed to providing the best Fighting & Fitness facilities to its members. Be prepared for the best workout experience possible.

Introducing The Revolution In
Self Defense Training

The Pressure Point Self Defense System

This brand new system from the Worlds Leading authority, is set to revolutionise the way you view and practice self defense.

I want you to imagine this scenario for just one moment:

This material is so powerful, it’s almost unfair.

We can just imagine some airy fairy land snowflakes being offended at your new found abilities to absolutely destroy and annihilate any would be attacker.

This new world of violence demands this sad truth.

The Only Answer To Violence Is Better Violence

But hey, we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

Before we go any further, you need to know who is going to be teaching you this material and why they are the person you need to learn from.

Prokout Packages & Price


  • The Full Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) Bronze Course
  • The Full PPSDS Bronze Level Paperwork
  • 8 Main Modules
  • 35 Main Lessons
  • Certified Upon Completion
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  • The Full Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) Silver Course
  • The Full PPSDS Silver Level Paperwork
  • 9 Main Modules
  • 58 Main Lessons
  • Certified Upon Completion
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  • The Full Pressure Point Self Defense System (PPSDS) Gold Course
  • The Full PPSDS Gold Level Paperwork
  • 22 Main Modules
  • 215 Main Lessons
  • Certified Upon Completion
  • Gold Instructorship Upon Completion
  • Chance To Apply For PPSDS Licence
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All I can say on the matter is this – The PPSDS is the BEST Training Course I have ever seen. I am proud to be one the founding Instructors and a Mentor for those wanting to join the family and make history together.

Mike Zawadski

PPSDS Grading Examiner

I have been involved in Martial Arts and Self Defense for 4 Decades. This PPSDS Course is without doubt the finest I have ever seen. Russell has taken his own extremely high standards to an even higher peak.

Paul Mracek

PPSDS Grading Examiner

If you want a Course that will teach you EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about Self Defense then you have found it. Russell is in a class of his own – at the very top of the tree!

Leigh Childs

Multiple Champion